if your assembly is not among the best you have ever had, you pay nothing! we feel that strongly about the value to your students.

"...it is not often that we find programs with high content value that are presented well at the primary level."
lois a. zahorik, principal, saukville, wi

"i want to take this opportunity to thank mr. jack burrus for his presentation on robots to our students and faculty. he kept the attention of close to 400 students in each of the sessions he presented. that's saying a "whole bunch" when you are talking about junior high students. as for my attention as the principal of the school, i was in awe. "i want the robotic dog!"
carolyn r. cochren, principal
princeton middle school, princeton, in

any of our presentations can be tailored to a broad range of audiences, making them ideal for libraries and other organizations seeking high-quality educational programs.

  part i - the world of robots
your students will be amazed as they learn how robots are used today, and the much larger role they will play in our future. student volunteers will help demonstrate a computer-programmable, mobile robot using its electronic voice, multi-sensors, arm, wrist, and hand. robot pets with video vision, vocal recognition, artificial intelligence and balancing sensors will "wow" the audience with their playful antics. in addition, a robo-one class humanoid robot will show its all-too-human moves. upper grade level students will also gain insights into the technologies that have shaped the digital revolution and the unlimited opportunities that lie ahead for their generation.

part ii - the future of science technology and robotics
this captivating program journeys into the future to give students a vision of how emerging technologies will change the way we live work and play. audiences will learn about the computer of the near future, how video-game-like immersive technology is already being used by many professionals in their daily work, how internet 2 and the three-dimensional web will impact our lives, and the changing role of robots. they will see familiar robot "friends" demonstrate some interesting new moves, and meet more state-of-the-art robot pets, including sony corporation's third-generation aibo�. upper grade level students will also learn about the awesome advancements in photonics, nanotechnology, cybernetics and genetics.

elementary students: 45 to 60 minutes
upper grade level students: 60 minutes

acess the world of robots k-8 teacher's guide
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